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Sewing a Cottagecore Dress: 1940s Style

Sewing a Cottagecore Dress: 1940s Style

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I have had lots of fun exploring the “cottagecore” trend through my sewing! (Check out some of my videos below!) But, it turns out this aesthetic is nothing new! There have been many times in history when romantic/rustic/peasant/farm/old-fashioned-y styles have been popular! That got me thinking… Why not make cottage-style dresses inspired by fashions from specific decades?! Bring on the vintage patterns and cutesy fabric! 🙂 Come along for the sewing adventure as I first tackle a cottagecore dress inspired by the 1940s!

To start with, I did a little research about the historical roots of cottagecore! I found this article from Teen Vogue to be super interesting! Next, I chose one of my favorite 1940s patterns (found here on Etsy) and two flannel remnants!

To complicate matters, my remnants were JUST large enough to fit in the lengthened skirt and 3/4 length sleeve modifications I wanted! Phew! (I think ladies from the 1940s would have totally used up their remnants this way, although my long skirt was more cottage-style than 40s!)

Then, it was on to sewing, sewing, and more sewing!

I had a hard time choosing which vintage buttons to use, but I eventually picked the gray ones.

Finally, the dress was done! I had JUST enough fabric left over to make a contrasting belt!

Check out the whole sewing adventure in this video! 🙂

I took my dress out for ramble in the wild!

I love how this dress feels both cute AND utilitarian at the same time! Those traits are hallmarks of 1940s fashion and fit well with the cottagecore aesthetic too!

Here are a some of my other cottage-y projects, if you would like to come along for more sewing adventures! 🙂 Have fun, and stay crafty, Everyone!

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