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Sewing a Cottagecore Dress: 1950s Style!

Sewing a Cottagecore Dress: 1950s Style!

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It’s hard to not get inspired by spring! The temperatures are warming up, while all the plants are leafing and blooming like crazy! I am officially ready to bring out my spring/summer dresses for a day in the sun! Or I could make dresses… that’s fun too! To add to the fun, I am once again attempting to combine current trends with vintage fashion! Yep… I’ve got another Cottagecore project up my sleeve, but this time, I’m looking to the 1950s for inspiration! Can you combine Cottagecore asthetics with 1950s style? Let’s find out…

After lots of searching, I decided on this 1950s reproduction patter from Etsy. I was excited to find that the seller offered printed patterns as well as downloadable patterns. Sometimes, I just don’t want to deal with taping pattern pieces… (You can find this pattern here.) I thought this brown and white gingham fabric was perfect for both Cottagecore AND the 1950s!

I created a mock-up of the bodice first to check the fit and make some modifications. After that, I got right to work with that cute gingham! This pattern was pretty straightforward except for the built-in rolled collar… (That made me struggle a bit!) After lots of sewing and then hand-sewing for the finish work, I had a very 1950s-looking dress!


It was the perfect time to use some vintage shell buttons from my collection! I love how they look with my vintage daisy pin and earrings! 🙂 Too cute!!

You can check out the whole sewing adventure in this video! 😉

I paired my new dress with a bright yellow and white hat for a spring-time walk!

I was very excited to find my favorite bush blooming, just in time for a photoshoot! I feel like the style of this dress is very 1950s, but the cutesy fabric and flowy skirt skirt work with the Cottagecore vibe. I think I will add a belt to help cinch in the waist a bit and add another cute detail!

Hope you enjoyed todays project, Crafters! 🙂 Keep enjoying spring, and stay crafty!

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