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Sewing a Cottagecore Dress: 1970s Style!

Sewing a Cottagecore Dress: 1970s Style!

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Today’s project is inspired by both cottagecore aesthetics AND fashion from the 1970s! What do these things have in common?? Let’s pick a vintage pattern, iron lots of cute fabric, and find out! Come along for the sewing adventure! 🙂

I started off with a vintage pattern gifted from a friend! 🙂 (Thanks, Mrs. Smauley!!)

The pattern pieces were super basic and included the dress front, back, and sleeves! Just to complicate things, I tried to modify the pattern to make a scooped neck and larger seam allowance in the shoulders. This did indeed complicate things…

An interesting detail was created by inserting elastic into casings made with the seam allowance for the shoulders. Neat!

After attaching the sleeves and sewing up the side seams, I had what looked like an oversized angle costume from a Nativity play… ha!

More modifications followed, including gathering in the shoulders and shortening the sleeves. I also added a channel for elastic at the high waist line, inserted elastic into the sleeves, and finished the neck with bias tape.

At this point, I traveled down a few internet rabbit holes to learn how to sew with rick rack… Hey, I couldn’t resist using my vintage, mustard-yellow rick rack and daisy appliques! They also happened to coordinate perfectly with a vintage necklace from my grandma! (Thanks, Amah!) 🙂

And, finally, the dress was done! Yaaaaaay! 🙂

You can watch the whole adventure here! 🙂

Time to take this dress for a spring walk!

Hope you are all enjoying a little springtime wherever you are! 🙂 Stay crafty, Everyone!

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