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Sewing a Pinafore Dress: Academia-inspired!

Sewing a Pinafore Dress: Academia-inspired!

Today’s project is another mashup of old and new! I’m using a vintage pattern from the 1940’s and tweaking it into my version of the “academia” aesthetic! Will this pinafore dress fit best with the dark academia, light academia, or cottagecore trends? I’m not sure, but I do hope to get a comfy, versatile jumper in the process! (Does anyone besides me remember calling them jumpers?) Join me for the sewing adventure, and see what you think! 🙂

Here is the pattern I used! It’s from the 1940’s, and I purchased it on Etsy! (Click here for the pattern link!) You may even recognize it from my “Sewing a Vintage Pinafore Dress” project that I did for my birthday! In that video (found here), I used the pattern for the dress on the right. Today, I’m making the dress on the left!

After making a mock-up of the bodice, I found lots of ways to make changes and complicate matters! 😉 Some of these changes included widening the waist, lengthening the skirt, enlarging the arm holes, and enlarging the neckline. These changes made the jumper much less appropriate for the 1940s, but would (I hope) make it even more wearable for me. Here are some photos of the process!

You can watch the sewing adventure here in my new video!

I took my new jumper/pinafore dress for a walk in the park! I had barely finished filming before it started raining!

Did I succeed in reaching my “academia aesthetic” goals? Well, the dress is very comfortable and retro without being too over-the-top. It will also pair nicely with vintage-y tops in my closet! I think I succeeded, especially if I get extra credit for the moody rain clouds! Lol… Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, and stay crafty! 🙂

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