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Sewing a Plaid Holiday Dress!

Sewing a Plaid Holiday Dress!

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The holidays are going to be a little weird this year, but that won’t keep me from sewing up some holiday goodness! Especially if that goodness includes plaids and flannel! Mmmm, cozy! 🙂 Plaid flannel was a major inspiration for today’s project- a “prairie” style” or “cottage style” dress made entirely of flannel! I envisioned a dress that was basically a flannel nightgown/bathrobe, but in daywear form! If I wear it to a holiday family zoom meeting, no one has to know just how comfy my holiday flannel-ness really is…

I started out with a favorite pattern that I first featured in my Prairie Dress video! (You can find that video here!)

However, I decided to complicate things by adding two (more) modifications to the pattern, i.e. buttons in the front instead of a zipper in the back and the difficulty of plaid matching… Did I know how to navigate these modifications? Not really. But thanks to the professors of Youtube and some experimenting, I eventually reached my goal! (I referenced this button placket tutorial and a plaid matching video to help me during the process!) You can watch my whole adventure and leaf peeping footage here!

Many, many hours later, I took my plaid dress and the necessary layers out for a fall walk! I was super grateful for a chance to visit this local park and see the leaves turning!!

The dress turned out a bit bigger than planned, but I got buttons AND mostly matching plaid patterns! 😉 Win, win!

I love those buttons! It makes the whole dress feel more “cottage style” to me!

Need those layers!

Well, Crafters, hope you get inspired to try some warm and fuzzy projects of your own! 🙂 Stay cozy AND crafty, Everyone!

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