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Shelter-in-Place Sewing: Scrap Stash Projects

Shelter-in-Place Sewing: Scrap Stash Projects

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This shelter-in-place business has definitely made me get creative with what projects I tackle and what supplies I use! My craft, refashioning, and fabric scrap stashes are finally being put to the good use they deserve! Today’s post is all about that scrap stash! It’s full of fabric remnants that are too cute to pass on but too small to make a project on their own.

My first project is a favorite from last summer, a 1940s-style headscarf! Let’s just say it changed my life when I discovered how to make my own scarf out of the material I wanted! Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good vintage scarf. But if you’ve ever tried wearing a cute but slippery scarf on your head, you know why I chose cotton for this one… lol! Check out the tutorial here in this post to see how I did it! I chose a cute blue and white gingham this time and got reacquainted with my old “friend,” the rolled hem foot for my sewing machine…

Once complete, I took my headscarf on a springtime stroll around the neighborhood!

As headscarves go, this one is pretty comfy!

See those forget-me-nots? We match! 🙂

The forget-me-nots were just one kind of flower I pass along the way! Look at these apple blossoms!! As I was taking pictures, a lady stopped her car while driving past and commented on the flowers too! We were both surprised at how beautiful they were, as the very old tree had appeared to be dead. I guess springtime won in the end!

Spot the bee!

But wait! There are so more projects waiting in that scrap stash! Just like many of you, I’ve recently tried my hand at mask making. My favorite Youtube tutorials are here, here, and here. Thanks to Totoro and Harry for modeling! Very stylish!

I’ve also been learning how to make pillow cases! My favorite blog and youtube tutorials are here and here. Of course, I had to make things more complicated and use different fabric for the fronts and backs of the pillowcases! This took ALOT more time, but I was thrilled to finally use some of those special remnants that were too small for other uses! 🙂 Since these pillowcases will be a gift, I also sewed a simple sachet to match. So cute!

Don’t leave tiny remnants behind in that scrap stash! Try making earrings using a fabric-covered button kit and earring backings! Check out my tutorial here for the steps!

Did we mention that this is the perfect time to not only use your fabric stash but to also complete a long-put-off project? Lindee is doing just that, tackling a quilt that she envisioned when she was a kid! The fabric was purchased years ago, but no construction had been done. But look at that quil-in-progress now! So Awesome!

Keep up the good work, Crafters! Hope you are all hanging in there and are staying inspired! You may have to look no further than your own scrap stash! 😉

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