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Shirt-Lengthener Skirt

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Let me introduce you to a garment that has become a closet MVP since I first made it this fall! At first glance, it appears to be a skirt. However, I think of it as fulfilling the higher calling of “shirt lengthener”! Shirt lengthening is needed when your favorite t-shirt or baggy sweatshirt lets you down. Picture this- you’re all ready to go with your comfy yoga pants or leggings, but you discover that your shirt is a couple inches shorter than your butt! AAH! I require butt coverage for leggings/yoga pant use! What shall I DO?!



At this point, the shirt lengthener comes to your rescue! It covers your butt, extends your legging/yoga pant outfit potential, and looks cute doing it! Go to the thrift store immediately and find an old, knit skirt! The skirt needs to fit your waist (unless you are willing to adjust it) and not be too tight on your booty (because that defeats the purpose). I was super excited when I found a skirt with an elastic waist band and stretchy fabric! (Vintage 90’s, anyone?)






Since the skirt fit and was made from an unraveling knit fabric, the road to shirt-lengthened-salvation was simple. Measure the skirt, cut off unwanted length, reinforce the cut seams, and bring on the outfits! I started by attempting to measure the length I wanted and marking it with chalk. (Butt coverage was a priority!)



Then it was time to cut the extra length off. To ensure that I didn’t cut the skirt too short, I marked off two length measurements, one at my chalk mark and another a bit longer. I then cut trimmed the skirt to the longer measurement. After trying the skirt on, I found that the longer length was actually just right!



Since the knit material didn’t ravel, I didn’t have to do any hemming. (Yay!) I did, however, want to make sure the side seams that had been cut did not come unstitched. After turning the skirt inside out, I used a zig-zag stitch and a knit needle to secure the seams. (This could easily be done by hand.)



And that was it! I tried the shirt-extending-skirt on with different tops and loved the results! I like how the black of the skirt blends with a dark top and/or  black leggings.












I now need to find modifiable thrift store skirts in every color so I can make this again!

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