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Spring Prairie Dress

Spring Prairie Dress

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Happy spring, Crafters!!! 🙂 Of course, spring weather calls for spring sewing, and I have a very spring-y dress project in mind today! I have been envisioning a prairie/peasant-style maxi dress in a floral print, just the thing to wear right now! Here is my fabric and a favorite pattern all ready to go!

I got right to work cutting, sewing, modifying, and correcting goofs! 😉 I decided to modify the maxi dress style so that it had a simple long skirt rather than the skirt made from gathered layers. It just wouldn’t be a proper sewing project if I didn’t complicate matters with modifications! lol!

Although this “easy” dress pattern always takes longer than I anticipate, I was very happy with the results! 🙂

I just HAD to my dress out for a spring walk!

You can watch the full adventure in our new Youtube video!

I hope you have a beautiful spring where you are! 🙂 Enjoy it, and stay crafty, Everyone!

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