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Staying Creatively Sane From Home

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Hi, All! A huge shout-out and hugs to the world! We are all in this Corona virus fight, and we all need support from each other, our faiths, and our own inner resilience. Speaking of that inner light we are all trying to keep shining, let’s brainstorm some ways to stay creative during this new situation! We have new parameters that we must work from for a while, possibly including more limited access to supplies and needing to work from home. While many of us enjoy alone time, we may need to reach out to others so as to not feel too alone. We must work within these limitations for a while, but creativity has to grow when limitations are present!

Many of my ideas for this post are inspired by articles I’ve read on crafting, self care, and “things to do when bored”! Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments, and we will all stay creative together. My region has just been put under “shelter in place” orders, so I am figuring this out right along with you! In addition to going for a (solo) walk when possible, I want to do one thing each day from a few of the following creative categories. These projects will hopefully give me some structure, keep me focused, and help me stay positive. So, without further philosophising, here are the categories…

Self Care- It’s Good for Ya’!

  • Take a NAP! What better way to stay/get well?!
  • Journal- Get those frustrations and fears down on the page. Bonus- this will be helpful when writing your autobiography someday.
  • Phone a friend/family member. I’m the worst at this… but while we may not be able to visit each other right now, we have PHONES AND SKYPE!
  • Make someone smile- If there was ever a time to send goofy cat videos to everyone you know, this is it!
  • Turn on/off social media as needed.
  • Pray/meditate/do yoga or whatever you do to strengthen your faith. There are great resources online, such as my pal Joy’s blog for Christian devotional essays!
  • Do a work-out video! I love the dance routines from Popsugarfitness on Youtube!
  • Be kind to people. Yeh… I’ve been reminded by ladies wiser than myself to be mindful of this during during the crisis. Good for others = good for yourself.

Home Care/ Self Care- clean your house, improve your life!

  • Clean your bathroom, then take an actual BATH! Add some candles and that bubble bath you’ve had since Christmas.
  • Clean out your closet, then instagram the amazing outfits you discover in an epic #shoppingmywardrobe post! Merricksart.com has recently done a fun series on spring cleaning your closet and finding your style!
  • Wash all your bedding, then take that nap as suggested above. Nothing better than clean sheets, clean pillows, and all that… Mmmmm!
  • Do the dishes, clean the counters, then cook something that smells delicious!

Cook Something

  • Bake bread- it’s not hard to do! There are lots of great, simple recipes out there. I love this one from Tastykitchen.com bc it doesn’t requires many ingredients or any special tools.
  • Make soup- this is the ultimate use-what-you’ve-got-in-the-house meal! It’s good for you; it makes you feel better; and it goes well with the bread mentioned above. This article from Foodnetwork.com is a great place to start!

Learn Something

  • Follow a makeup tutorial! I love the Youtube videos made by The Makeup Chair and Zebrena!
  • Learn how to do a historical hairstyle! The Youtuber from Loepsie tries styles from so many time periods!
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Learn about historical fashion and get a good chuckle with Karolina Kebrowska.
  • Learn about historical sewing while having your mind blown by the artistry and dedication of Bernadette Banner.
  • Learn how to make a prom dress in a day while laughing hysterically with Micarah!

Make Something

  • Embellish clothes you already have! These are some of my very favorite kinds of projects! Paint your Tshirt; paint your jeans; embroider your sweater; and patch your jackets!
  • Tackle some long-put-off mending… Hey, new clothes you didn’t know you had!
  • Sew from a downloadable pattern! I just bought this one from Sense and Sensibility Patterns and have started creating a mock up! Will post more on my progress soon!
  • Knit something! Crochet something! (I don’t really know how to do either of these, so Professor Youtube will have to be my guide.)

So, what are your creative coping strategies? Leave suggestions in the comments, or even better, network with your friends to share ideas and support! Together, we’ve got this, Crafters! 🙂

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