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Summer Craftiness Update!

Summer Craftiness Update!

Hello, Everyone! We are so excited to be starting a blog for documenting our crazy creative lives! Of course, this past summer was a season of crafting for both of us. Although we often craft solo, we finally had the chance to cross state lines and have sister crafty time! (At LONG last!!)

So many projects had been inspiring us and teasing us into trying them! One new project was soap making! We drooled over Pinterest pictures and avidly read blogs for how-on-earth-do-we-do-this directions. We were blown away by the amazing information out there for soap newbies like us! One of our favorites was the wealth of information created by the Soap Queen herself at  https://www.soapqueen.com/category/bath-and-body-tutorials/melt-and-pour-soap/ She answered any questions we had with great articles and video tutorials! Her website has all the supplies you need. Other soap divas include the gals over at A Beautiful Mess! Their color gradient soap tutorial convinced us to try making soap in the first place! http://abeautifulmess.com/2017/04/diy-gradient-soap-bars.html We put our own spin on things by hiding tiny erasers in the soap and placing small, 3D soaps into larger soap bars! We ran out of soap supplies before we ran out of ideas!


Of course, we couldn’t stop there! As this was a summer for epic projects, we had been planning for months to tie dye! We took over our parent’s backyard (Dad even let us use the barbecue to heat water!) and got a bunch of dye options ready. We love the dying supplies and project ideas over at https://www.ritdye.com/ The insanity lasted for most of a day, but by the end, we had “rainbowized” lots of clothes and accessories! Also our hands. Those got dyed too.  






And that was just the beginning! With fall around the corner, we got ideas lined up for fall wardrobe diys, new recipes to try, and lots of gifties to make! Stay tuned for more craft-spiration from the Partners in Craft!

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