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Summer Ice Dye DIY!

Summer Ice Dye DIY!

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It’s not really summer until the fabric dye starts flying! 🙂 Tie dye, ice dye, dip dye, bleach dye, whatever! I mean, who doesn’t need a little dye dripping down their arm, nails turned purple, and a newly rainbow-ized summer wardrobe?? (Everyone needs this. Don’t argue.) I love these project so much, that I try to do a little bit every summer! My sister loves ’em too and teamed up with me for projects like this post, when we tried “Ice Dyeing” for the first time. She liked the project so much, that she later ice dyed sheets to create custom curtains and wall hangings! (Check out that post here!)

While I love all the different dying projects, I was loooong over due to revisit Ice Dyeing! I love the minimal hands-on time for this method and the water-color results! The process is pretty simple too- prep your fabric and work surfaces; cover fabric with ice; sprinkle powdered dye over the ice; and let the ice melt to liquefy the dye! This was the perfect project to do outside, so I borrowed my family’s backyard! I got my garments set up on drip-catching trays and dyed away! (Don’t worry, full instructions coming up in the video!)

Wow! Just look at those colors!

After a little time in the sun and a little laundering, we had very vibrant results!

I couldn’t resist making a video of the project! Thankfully, my mom and brother were willing to help me film! Thanks, Mom and Carson! 🙂

I’ve been loving wearing my new ice dyed clothes!! It you need to add a little brightness to your summer (and odd colors to your nails), this is a great place to start! Stay crafty, Everyone! 🙂

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