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Summer Jeans Makeover!

Summer Jeans Makeover!

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Summer calls for easy DIYs and fun wardrobe refreshers! (If the project involves clothing you already own, even better!) Today’s project checks all those boxes with fun update for your denim! Time to get colorful, Jeans!

As with most of my painting projects, I love using Tulip’s “Soft” fabric paint. This paint lays close to the fabric rather than being “puffy” like puffy paint. My color choice was simple- use them all!

Next, I prepped my work surface (aka the floor) with a tarp to catch any paint spills. To prevent paint from bleeding through the fabric, I lined both paint legs with long pieces of freezer paper.

I then laid the jeans flat with the side seams facing up.

My VERY technical painting technique involved dipping a pencil eraser in paint and applying that to the jeans! 😉

I started with the lightest color, in this case white, and added layers of dots until I had used all the colors.

To keep the paint from getting gloppy, I periodically blotted the painted fabric with clean paper towels to remove the excess. Viola painted pants!

After letting the paint dry over night, I just had to wear them the next day! It may have been Monday, but I was wearing happy pants! 🙂

Time to take these out on the town!

With so many painting possibilities available, I had to try another design! This time, I used my favorite paints and a foam stamp.

I experimented with mixing paint until I got the colors I wanted.

I used my stamp, a yardstick, and tailor’s chalk to mark the placement for the stamped design down the side of each leg.

Protective freezer paper in place!

Time to stamp! (For fabric stamping basics check out this post!)

These pants want to dance!

This project is SO customizable and a great way to update jeans you already have! For more denim painting project, check out Lindee’s painted jacket diy…

And my stamped T-shirt!

Or these T’s for kids! (So many possibilities!)

Now, go get yourself some paint! Your jeans will thank you later!!

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