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Summer Upcycle (From my closet!)

Summer Upcycle (From my closet!)

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Sometimes you just want new clothes. Maybe it’s because of a change in season, a change in size, a change in taste, or I don’t know… maybe you just want a flippin’ change?! Clothes can provide creative inspiration and a sense of new-ness. Right now, though, many of us can’t do a whole lot of shopping. We CAN, however, get creative! After cleaning out my closet, I discovered some clothing that was perfect for a summer upcycle project! “Use what you have to make what you want” is my slogan! Here’s what I started with…

Each of the pieces had characteristics that I liked… and didn’t liked. Could I alter the clothes to fix the issues while keeping the good traits?

The upcycling process involved lots of trying on, cutting, sewing, and more try-ons! After all that work, the pieces were definitely looking more summery!

Although uncharacteristic for me, this project was pretty straight forward! I even made a video to prove it! 🙂 Tune in as I talk you through my thought process, techniques, and finished results!

I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out, and have already been wearing them. (I’m actually styling the gingham shirt as I write!) Of course, I had to quality test my new summer clothes outside! I am pleased to report that they have passed both the “comfy” and “warm weather” tests!

Hope this inspires you to try some upcycling of your own, just in time for summer! You could shop your own closet or accept donations from family and friends! 😉 Enjoy and stay crafty!

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