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Sweater-vember: Sweater Stuffies Part 2

Sweater-vember: Sweater Stuffies Part 2

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I’m loving these sweater stuffies so much, that I just had to make more! (Check out my first bear and bunny project here!) This time, I experimented with ways to simplify the design so that sewing was minimized but cuteness was maximized. What animal takes cuteness and fuzziness to the max? Lil’ stuffed kitties, of course! πŸ™‚

My first design was basically a circle-shaped pillow with ears and a tail. I used more of the cashmere sweater remnants that I had used in the last post. I traced a bowl to create circles, then sketched out a pattern for ears and a tail. After cutting out two circles, two ear patterns, and one tail, I was ready for pinning and sewing!

First, I stitched the tail piece into a tube and turned it right-side-out.

I then pinned the tail so that it pointed into the inside of the circle. The edge of the tail would then get stitched into the seam going around the circle. Once the circle was turned right-side-out, the tail would stick out from the side of the cat.

With the pieces pinned, it was time for sewing! I used scraps of sweater to test which size of zig-zag stitch worked the best on the fabric. I left the straight edge of the ears open and also left an ear-sized gap in the stitching around the circle.

Hooray! It was time to turn the pieces right-side-out, admire the tail we had created, and get to stuffing!

Next, it was time to attach the ears to the body. I first rolled under the open edges of the circle and pinned them into place. Next, I inserted the ears into the hole and sandwiching the ears between the edges of the circle. I pinned it all in place and hand-stitched the pieces together.

Time for some detailing! I folded the tail onto the back of the body and top-stitched it into place. Then, I added adorable buttons for a face! I christened the kitty “Meow Cat”! πŸ™‚

Now for one more cat design! I started by cutting out two bowling pin-like body pieces. Then I cut one earΒ and one tail piece from the ribbed bottom and cuffs of the sweater. Since the ribbed sections were thick and stiff enough on their own, I didn’t have to cut two of each piece and stitch them together. The ears and tail were thick enough as one layer.

I pinned the two body pieces together, inserting the tail piece into the cat’s body and pinning it into the seam area (just like I did for the first cat). I left a gap in the pins at the top of the “head.” Since this was a new thickness of sweater fabric, I experimented with stitch size before sewing up the body.

I sewed up the body leaving the opening at the top of the head. I made a few tiny snips in the extra material at the edge of the seams. I did this to help the curved seams lay flatter when the body was turned right side out. After turning the body right-side-out, I added stuffing!

Next, I rolled under the open edges and pinned them in place. I inserted the ears into the gap and sandwiched all the pieces together. The layers were pretty thick, so I pinned them as well as I could. I also pinched the pieces in place while I hand stitched everything closed.

After adding buttons for a face, we had a kitty! Introducing “Orange Cat”!

Of course, Bear and Bunny welcomed the new arrivals, and the stuffies are besties already! πŸ™‚ Huggable, fuzzy adorableness, just in time for the holidays! Happy sweater-ing! πŸ™‚

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