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Sweatshirt Refashion- Tie Waist Cardigan (with No-Sew Option!)

Sweatshirt Refashion- Tie Waist Cardigan (with No-Sew Option!)

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Time for another sweatshirt refashion, this time a cardigan style with a belted waist! Since this design relies heavily on eyelets, you could skip the sewing steps if necessary!

First things first, I obtained a men’s extra large sweatshirt. Unlike last week’s project, this new sweatshirt had a bottom band that caused the fabric at the torso to gather and poof out slightly. That style worked for this project, but the less gather the better. I used an extra large, because I wanted the finished sweatshirt to cover my behind. (I’m 5’5″, and the XL was just long enough. If you are taller, you could look for men’s “tall” sizes.) Here’s the sweatshirt I got in maroon from Amazon.

At the beginning of the project, I followed the steps in last week’s sweatshirt post. I cut open the front of the sweatshirt, hemmed the raw edges, and cut off the wrist bands. Then, it was time to find the placement for my eyelets. I tried on the sweatshirt and made markings around the torso at the length right above my hip bones. I placed eyelets at this length, with two eyelets under the arms, two 2.5″ away from the front openings, and two across the back. Six eyelets total!

Note: I repeated last week’s steps for adding interfacing to the underside of the fabric BEFORE inserting the eyelets.

Now to thread the belts through those beautiful eyelets! For the belts, I used a woven fabric tape 3/4″ wide. My two belts were each about 65″ long, but you should estimate with a tape measure before cutting. I finished the ends with Fray-check, since I felt lazy! I started by weaving belt #1 from the underside of the front eyelet and then in and out around the sweatshirt.

Next, I wove belt #2 in the opposite direction, criss-crossing belt #1 in the process.

See? Two belts, one coming from the inside of the sweatshirt, the other from the outside.

Together, those two belts can cinch in that poofy sweatshirt fabric! (And make a cute bow in the front!) Our baggy sweatshirt is now transformed into something a little more fitted and alot more stylish!

I wore my cute, but super comfy sweatshirt cardigan with skinny jeans and boots. I felt sooooo comfy!!!

I can’t wait to try more sweatshirt projects! 🙂 Stay tuned for lots more refashions coming your way! Stay crafty, Everyone!

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