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The Easiest Dress DIY?

The Easiest Dress DIY?

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Long weekends call for easy diy projects (and easy-to-write blog posts too)! 🙂 In honor of this warm and hazy weekend, I’m sharing a super simple dress project that may be one of the easiest sewing DIYs ever posted on this blog! Depending on the look and fabric you choose, you could skip a few steps for even easier construction! Although the design is simple, the dress is VERY comfortable and versatile.

When making the dress, I followed these basic steps. 1. I traced a loose-fitting dress shape onto 2 layers of knit fabric. 2. I then sewed the shoulder and side seams using knit needles, a zig-zag stitch, and a walking foot (optional for helping sewing machine not stretch knit fabrics). 3. Once you have a basic dress shape, you can choose to hem the bottom of the dress and sleeves. 4. I chose to finish the neckline with single fold biased tape. 5. If you have extra fabric, be sure to make a belt. 6. Wear your dress! 🙂 Since these steps are pretty basic, AND I want to spend time this weekend being lazy, I will leave you with those directions and proceed to the photos! Leave me a comment if you want more info on any steps! 🙂

Have a great weekend, Everyone, and stay crafty! 🙂

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