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The Sarong- An Almost Instant Dress

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Ever really want a new dress for the weekend but have NO interest in sewing or searching stores? Enter the Sarong, a giant piece of fabric that, with a little help, can become clothing! When the dress-urge hit me, I was grateful to discover just such a piece of fabric in my stash. The piece was about 3 yards long and about a foot and a half shorter than myself. The fabric was somewhat drapey and featured a hippy-ish print as a bonus. Although I could have hemmed the raw edges, I skipped this step in the name of hippy-ness. (It helped that the fabric didn’t ravel very much.)

There are many ways to tie a sarong, but this is the easiest way I have found to get the most coverage from the final result. When wearing the sarong as a dress, I wear a tank or tube top and a half slip underneath. We don’t want any “wardrobe malfunctions” now do we? To begin, hold the fabric long ways behind you.

Depending on the length of your fabric, hold either the corners of the fabric or places a short distance from the corners. Start to twist the fabric at the two places where you are holding it. Cross the fabric in front of your body.

Almost done! Now take the twisted fabric pieces you are holding and tie them together at the back of your neck.


I added a belt to create a waistline and to help insure that the wrapped fabric didn’t come unwrapped! Boho jewelry was also a must!

I took my new “dress” out to dinner! 

Upon discovering more fabric, I made matching sarongs for Lindee and I! We wore them as swim cover-ups and discovered that they were very breezy and comfortable. The hippies know a thing or two!

Time to find more fabric!

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