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Thrifted Skirts for Early Spring

Thrifted Skirts for Early Spring

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Nothing like a fashion challenge to help you out of a transitional-weather-fashion-rut! A while back, I challenged myself to wear thrifted skirts from the 90s and early 2000s for a week! These skirts are widely available at thrift stores, and but are often overlooked. Although not all of my resulting outfits were winners, the skirts proved to be more versatile than their vibrant floral prints would suggest. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear these skirts now…

Add a Sweatshirt- Why Not?

Despite the super bright tulip print, this knit skirt pairs well with neutral layers. I first chose a zip hoodie that I had embellished in this post. A black T and layered necklaces kept things basic. I was very comfy, might I add.

Add Another Sweatshirt!

Ever reeeeally want to wear a cozy, oversized sweatshirt to work? Add a cozy sweater skirt and go for it! A long necklace and boots suggest that you put in way more effort in than actually you did.

Bonus: Sweater Skirt + Sweater

This skirt was so comfortable that I washed it and wore it again that same week! The short sleeved sweater was warm but not too warm, clashing but not too much of a stretch (to my mind). Brown ankle boots helped, as they usually do.

Work the Patterns

This wrap skirt was the hardest of all to style, being too short to wear without leg coverings but so high-waisted it demanded shirt tucking. I decided to work the weirdness by adding more patterns and layers. The resulting outfit is a homage to my 90’s-grunge-alter-ego. I even added lace-up boots…

I wasn’t really excited about skirts by this point in the week… so I added dark layers to this pink/cherry red number. The super fuzzy long sweater made everything ok in the end. (And, it turns out I really love pink with cherry red. Who knew?)

Ok, your turn! What will you do with a funky thrift store skirt? Will you tone it down or brighten it up? Cool off or add layers to warm it up? Early spring is the perfect time to experiment! 🙂

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