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Tie Dye for FALL!

Tie Dye for FALL!

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Who says that tie dye is a summer-only fashion statement?! I collected a few fallish pieces and a tie dye kit to answer this question! After lots of dyeing, I have some new fall clothes that I’ve already been wearing and can’t wait to wear more as the weather cools down! Here are some of the supplies I started with…

My first dye subject was a cotton flannel shirt from the thrift store. I didn’t want to cover up all the plaid, so I applied purple dye to only the bottom of the shirt. I love how the purple dye seems to fade into the plaid! I definitely want to dye more flannel now…

You may recognize this maxi dress from this previous tie dye project! At the time, I didn’t use enough dark-colored dyes to get a clear dye pattern on the dark dress. This time, I applied a whole additional bottle of purple to get a darker color! I really like how the dark colors are more subtle than most tye dye, but are still obvious.

My next project started with a stretchy, tunic-length hoodie. Although the directions recommended using the dye within 72 hours of adding water, a week had passed since I had opened the dye bottles. The dye washed out to a much more subtle color than expected, but I was surprisingly happy with the results! I would definitely recommend using the dye shortly after opening, but it’s good to be reminded how tie dye “mistakes” can often turn out pretty cool! 🙂

Of course, I had to try out my new fall clothes!

You can see the whole dying process in this tutorial!

Hope you all enjoyed another tie dye adventure! Happy Fall, Everyone, and stay crafty! 🙂

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