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Tie Dyed Graphic T’s (and Dress!)

Tie Dyed Graphic T’s (and Dress!)

Ever get stuck in a crafting rut? You know, get used to working within certain parameters and forget to think outside of the box? It’s easy to do that with tie dye. White garments are just begging to be dyed, but what about clothing with designs? What happens when you tie dye pieces with logos and prints? 🙂 To answer this question, I went thrifting for some printed clothes and stocked up on tie dye supplies!

Then, it was time to get dyeing! I decided to use gray Rit dye for the first graphic T!

My kitchen became my tie dye laboratory.

Ta-DAH! Much more fun! 🙂

Next up- the blue T-shirt!

I used a tie dye kit from Tulip for this T-shirt and the dress. I love the colors so much! I also loooove that you get extra packets of dye… 😉 he he!

I wish this dress was for me… but it’s actually a kid’s size! 🙂 I’m hoping it will fit my adopted niece, who loves bright colors! Time for some dye!

I love how these turned out! 🙂 You can check out the whole how-to process in this video!

Time to wear some tie dye!!! 🙂

I love this gray color! I may tie up the back of the shirt separately next time to get a clearer pattern.

Rainbow brights are a yes! 🙂

Well Crafters, I hope you enjoyed this tie dye adventure! Of course, it’s never too late to try a project yourself! 😉 Don’t let patterns or prints stop you from tie dying! Stay crafty, Everyone!

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