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Upcycled Clothes from FREE Stuff

Upcycled Clothes from FREE Stuff

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Hi Crafters! Today’s project is all about upcycling old clothes into “new” pieces for your wardrobe! To add to the challenge, I am only refashioning clothing that I got for FREE! Here are my two upcycle candidates- a wool sweater (that is the wrong color for me) and a men’s denim shirt.

Since the sweater was made from natural fibers, it was easy to tie dye with one of my favorite Rit colors! Simple transformation complete!

Now time for some denim! I didn’t want to change this shirt too much, as I really liked it the way it was! I decided to add some subtle (and easy) embroidery along some of the seams.

I couldn’t wait to wear my newly upcycled clothes!

You can watch the whole adventure here!

These pieces were pretty easy to upcycle and have been super easy to wear! They are comfy too, which is also a must! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed today’s upcycle project! Stay crafty, Everyone!

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