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Upcycled Clothes from FREE Stuff

Upcycled Clothes from FREE Stuff

Time for another upcycle project, Crafters! In today’s adventure, we will take three garments that I got for FREE and try to refashion them into wearable clothes! This DIY brain teaser may stretch our creative muscles, but it should be fun too! There’s something so rewarding about recycling clothes that you can’t wear and turning them into pieces that you love! (Check out my Refashioning playlist on YouTube for more inspo!) Join me for the sewing adventure and see if you get inspired to try some upcycling yourself! 🙂

First up is this vintage silk skirt from my aunt. Look at that amazing print! Unfortunately, the elastic waistband is totally stretched out. Let’s remove that, roll some of the remaining fabric into a tube, sew that down, and insert elastic into that tube to make a new waist!

After removing the elastic, I ironed the skirt! Look how much fabric there is! Thankfully for us, there was a band of fabric at the top of the skirt that could easily be rolled into our new waistband! (I did have to gather the wider skirt fabric a bit to fit the narrower waist.)

After adding elastic and sewing everything up, we had a wearable skirt! 😀

Next up are two men’s shirts that are just begging to be turned into a dress! I want to add fabric from one shirt to the other to add length. Then, I want to shrink up those too-big shoulders with a little elastic.

Let’s start by creating the skirt part of the dress.

Next, I sewed a bit of elastic to each shoulder seam, gathering the shoulder fabric in as I sewed.

Let’s make a belt with the remnants!

And Ta-dah! We have a dress!

To see the whole sewing adventure, check out my Youtube video! 🙂

Time to try out our creations! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed today’s upcycle adventure! 🙂 Be sure to follow us and our YouTube channel for more DIY’s coming soon! Stay crafty, Everyone! 🙂

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