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Upcycled Clothes from FREE Stuff: January Edition

Upcycled Clothes from FREE Stuff: January Edition

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Happy New Year, Crafters! 🙂 January may not be the most fun or exciting of months, but it’s a great time for a little wardrobe refresh! If that can be done on the cheap, then even better! 🙂 In today’s project, I’m upcycling clothing that I got for free into new pieces for winter! Our first free item is a large, cozy flannel shirt! (Thanks, Dad!) 🙂

I was inspired by this blog post to alter the shirt by taking in the shoulders. I used an existing flannel shirt as a guide.

After removing the sleeves, I cut a little fabric from the shoulders, the sleeves, and the sides of the shirt.

After some finagling, I sewed the sleeves back to the shirt and sewed up the side seams! (Don’t worry, I show the whole process in the video coming up!)

My next project gives new life to a shrunken cashmere sweater! Mmmm so fuzzy!!!

I saved the rest of the sweater for another project and trimmed the sleeves to become fingerless gloves!

I found two tutorials (here and here) that showed me how to embroider blanket stitches around the openings in the gloves! So cute!

Come along for the upcycling adventure in this video!

I took my fuzzy gloves out for a walk!

I couldn’t wait to wear my flannel shirt, too!

Hope you enjoyed today’s projects and maybe even got inspired to try some upcycling of your own! 🙂 January is a great time to try it out! Stay crafty, Everyone!

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