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Valentine Cards + Bling

Valentine Cards + Bling

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Who doesn’t need a little extra bling in their life this wintry season? And who, pray tell, doesn’t like Valentine cards that include gifts?! This present-of-a-card is the perfect project to make for all the lovely Galentines in your life! As that’s basically every “gal” you can send a Valentine to, you better get crafting!!

Here are my supplies! I began by browsing the wonderful collection of free vintage clip art from thegraphicsfairy.com . After spending lots of time ogling the art, I chose these images (lady’s head, two dancers, and fairy) specifically for their ability to be “blinged.” See those blingy vintage earrings in the picture? They were destined to become sparkly accents on the cards! Lightweight, printable cardstock would provide the less-glamorous but essential foundation.

I used clip-on earrings, but vintage brooches would work as well!

I saved the images to my computer and then inserted them into “cards” using novice skills and a basic publishing program. I experimented with cropping/resizing/moving the images until I liked the result, remembering that the cards would be folded in half. The future placement of the bling was my biggest concern during this process. I had to place the earrings where they would accent the picture AND be able to be attached. The attaching would be done through holes made by a small hole punch. The clip-on earring backing would be inserted through the hole and would then be clipped onto the back of the paper. This process sounds simple enough until one considers the smallness of my hole punch. It could only reach about an inch from the edge of the paper! Accordingly, I moved the images as close to the edges of the card as possible.

Here are my printed, folded, and cut-down-to-size cards. (I recommend printing experimental copies onto regular paper before committing to cardstock!) I punched holes into the front of each card for earring attachment.

Time to add some sparkle!

The cards are nearly complete! In order to send them in the mail, I plan to cover the front of the card with a piece of bubble wrap before putting the card into a padded mailer. I would hate for the earrings to poke through the mailer!

And there you have some well-blinged cards! I love the slightly-ironic-but-sweet addition of the jeweled earrings! Of course, they make the cards heavy, and all but the center fairy card had trouble standing on their own. I’m not too worried by this, as I imagine the recipients will immediately put the earrings on themselves, which will nullify the issue!

I wish you much fun card-crafting, Blingy Ladies! Don’t let February pass by without adding some some vintage and some bling to your life! While you’re at it, bling up the lives of the ladies you know! Of course, if you are a lady on my Valentine mailing list, you will need to pretend you never saw this… 😉

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