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Valentine’s Vintage- 1940s

Valentine’s Vintage- 1940s

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Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to bring out your retro finery! Real vintage, modern re-makes, thrift store scores, and homemade accessories are all present in this outfit! Believe it or not, my earrings and purse are the only true vintage items!

This dress is from the brand “All that Jazz” and probably originated in the 1990s or early 2000s. The color is what caught my eye first, but the peplum bodice and skirt length just shouted 1940s. I LOVE finding modern items that are historically inspired. They can be more durable than true vintage pieces and are often easier to clean!

My snood hair net is one of the best accessories for covering a non-historical haircut! It’s also one of my favorite easy DIY projects!! You can find the full tutorial in this post!

My flower hair clip and corsage are also homemade! I actually made them specifically for this dress but have styled them many times, including here and here. Check out the tutorial in this post!

I love these modern and diy pieces paired with vintage earrings and a similarly old handbag!

My shoes were a lucky Amazon find from last year, while my vintage-ish coat is old Kenneth Cole.

Ok, Ladies, time to try adding a little vintage to your Valentines! Shop, thrift, or make you own. Have fun showing off your vintage flair!


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