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Vintage a la Thrift Store- 1920’s

Vintage a la Thrift Store- 1920’s

Sometimes a vintage-inspired outfit seems to appear out of nowhere. Take this blue dress for example. I discovered it on a cram-jammed thrift store wrack. Although obviously from the 1980’s, the dress’s drop waist style (with bow!) was a perfect tribute to the 1920’s. The dress was in perfect condition and, due to a timely sale, cost me a $1! Feeling like I had been visited by a flapper fairy godmother, I dug through the closet in search of accessories.

I was inspired by Lindee’s awesome homemade 1920’s costume featured in the “DIY 1920s Costume” post. She transformed a dress from Goodwill into the perfect flapper dress, complete with period accessories, hair, and makeup! (Check out that post here!)


I went the easy route with my outfit, using accessories I had thrifted in the past. Note to thrift store shoppers: if you find items like a (washable!) faux fur wrap or vintage-inspired shoes in great shape, you should BUY THEM! You can use them to create vintage-inspired looks from a range of decades! My hat was the only item, other than my tights, that was not thrifted. When thrift store shopping, I look for hats that are not only in great shape, but are also hand or surface washable when possible.



I had way too much fun posing in my “mod” new outfit!



It may be time for a 1920’s themed party! Only thrift store flappers allowed!

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