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Vintage a la Thrift Store: Going Dotty

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This vintage-inspired outfit was a creative challenge! To start with, most of the pieces were bought at different times from Goodwill. On top of that, only a few items were actually vintage! The crazy dots, vintage styles, and preppy white detailing caught my eye from the thrift store racks. Those details inevitably tied the very different pieces together into a vintage-inspired outfit, just in time for Easter brunch!




The serendipitous Goodwill finds include a Target brand skirt, a dotted tank from the 1990’s, and a blazer from Banana Republic (bought with the tags still on! Yay!)




The only thing I bought new were my shoes, a great find at the Clark’s outlet. (I love their vintage look and color!) The real vintage accessories included a scarf from the fabulous Heather and earrings from Goodwill. These accessories helped pull the whole look together.









My dotty outfit illustrates some of my favorite Goodwill shopping philosophies! Firstly, focus on your favorite patterns and colors. This will help you zero in on coordinating items, even if you don’t buy them at the same time. Dots are one of my new favorite patterns, while dark red is always on my list! Secondly, look for non-vintage items with vintage styling. Newer garments can be more durable and wearable than actual vintage pieces, but can still have vintage styling. Thirdly, you can never have too many vintage accessories! You never know when one scarf or piece of jewelry will pull a whole outfit together! 🙂



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