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Vintage a la Thrift Store: Last Minute “Victorian”

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When one gets invited to a Victorian-themed picnic, one accepts! One does this without hesitation, even if the event is the next day and one has “nothing to wear.” To the thrift store! Quickly! And to the grocery store… for Victorian approved picnic ingredients. Apparently, authenticity was the order of the day.

I learned that the event was a yearly tradition for a group of friends who gathered to picnic and read Romantic Era literature.  According to the invitation, a range of clothing styles was acceptable including Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian garb. After an evening spent at Goodwill, I had assembled my wardrobe. The final outfit would consist of three different pieces layered to create the look of a dress. The addition of knee socks would be necessary for the sake of decency.



The day of the picnic began with the assembling of comestibles. I was glad to have an excuse to make my favorite tea sandwiches, cucumber with a great deal of butter and a sprinkling of dill.






Of course, one cannot have a Victorian event without scones! Accordingly, I made one of my favorite recipes. These cranberry sourdough scones are unique in that they call for both sour dough starter and whole wheat flour! I discovered this recipe on a blog named almacucina.com, and you can find the recipe here!




Once a belt was added, the shape and length of my “dress” was reminiscent of the Edwardian Era. Thankfully, my Goodwill trip had also yielded the necessary hat. I had created my purse years ago by stitching a vintage doily and lace flower to a woven bag. As we were expected to bring our favorite piece of Romantic literature, I selected my favorite.




The event was held at a small, rural cemetery surrounded by orchards. From the picnic spot under a large oak tree, one could survey the pastoral views. I’m sure the Romantics would have approved.















My fellow picnicers were well prepared with appropriate serving pieces and edibles. The sandwiches and scones did not disappoint!




Nor did the views…




What fun! I can heartily recommend this activity for a summer afternoon. The Victorian Era is really quite lovely this time of year!


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